2018 yearly astro forecast

We salute the past year 2017 and turn the page for year 2018. Let’s start together twelve new months, all to live and appreciate, for some more tiring, for other fantastic ones. What surprises and events does the future hold? What are the promises and suggestions of the stars? The surprises are many, for all the signs.

Like every year in the yearly-horoscope.org pages you will find the general forecast, this year enriched with the strengths and weaknesses of the year, and then love, eros, work, study, money, well-being. And again the game of couples, to find out if he or she is the ideal partner. And for those who are not satisfied with the immediate future, there is not even a short but exhaustive forecast for 2019.

It is more satisfying for me to draw the ranking over the years, like this one, where the stars love all the signs a bit. A little ‘good forecasts for everyone. Of course, being among the favorites is always electrifying, even if you are skeptical of astrology.

This year the first place belongs to Pisces: if dreams are wishes of happiness in 2018 they will become reality. Following Capricorn and Virgo: wise and lucky, enterprising and ready to revolutionize their lives. In third place we find the Scorpio, especially if of November, lucky and determined to pursue its goals. On the fourth the Sagittarius lighter, vigorous and sensual than ever. And then there are the Twins full of energy and great willpower.

For Cancer born in July a year is prosperous and full of love. Happy recovery after the possible transformations for Aries, especially if of April. For Libra an uphill start, but from summer returns in formissima. Highs and lows for Taurus, especially in April, which can not escape the news and changes. Great physical energy but also many contradictions for the Aquarius. And finally, after years of podium, the Lion, who will do well to create large spaces for relaxation.

I wish everyone a year in which to know how to capture the most beautiful aspects that life reserves for everyone, even in difficult moments, because it is from those who learn to give the best of themselves.


Dear Aries, you come from a year not idyllic, of things to do you have had many, great help (planetary or not) there have not been, and often luck has been fugitive, but you have certainly acquired more maturity and made a significant growth path. Now you just have to face 2018 with a good dose of courage and resourcefulness but also of tranquility. Reason and passion together will find a superior position, taking up the characteristics of your character, sometimes too rigid, sometimes overwhelmed by instinct. For those born in March it will be …


Dear Taurus, leave behind a year that will have given you material satisfactions, consents for the work done and success in the studies, perhaps less in love, sector that in 2018 will see many changes. For many natives, especially if in April, the keyword is: renewal. There will be decisive steps to be taken with the help of their ideas, their strengths, without the aid of great fortune, but certainly always well supported by the iron logic of a consistent Saturn, ready to instill constructive ideas to be pursued with self-discipline . Prudence and audacity ..


Dear Gemelli, to make a fair prediction for the new year we should analyze what you did in the previous year. Yes, because the stars have given you many opportunities to shake off your past and habits now obsolete. If you have grasped their suggestion, in 2018 you will only be able to feel free and light. The boundaries will become more elastic and what will be new, foreign and different will bring new wealth into your daily life and inner being. Although without disturbing transits this year will see for you new forms of openness, a willingness to tune in to different sounds, music never heard ..


Dear Cancer, the last months of the past year have already made you feel the wind of change. Greater euphoria and optimism will have taken the place of certain unpleasant sensations of the past. The stars have no doubts in predicting that 2018 will be the year of love, of turns, of novelties and of great fortune. You will learn to live with more carefree and with a fantasy that will make you unique and special, able to face the trials of life. Oh yes, because with Saturn against must be put into account …


Dear Leo, in recent years you have been a protagonist of noteworthy events and all positive. You have had many planetary favors at your disposal, which will not abandon you completely, but in 2018 some will fail. Jupiter, Mars and Uranus will be the three planets that, particularly from mid-May to mid-November, will give you a hard time. Your ambition will make you want and dare too much. Your mind is always very active, will be directed towards a further climb to success, to the improvement of the positions you have acquired in the recent past. He is an enterprising person …


Dear Virgon, enter in 2018 with a respectable sky, ready to decree one of the favorite signs of the stars, first of all by Jupiter and Saturn. This will mean giving the final climb to the business (professional and / or sentimental) for which you have worked in recent times. All supported by a considerable amount of luck. Yes, to be successful you will not even have to work too hard. But it will not be all about the stars. You come from months of hard work, of sacrifice, even in love, and now thanks to the acquired maturity, to a good one.


Dear Libra, after a year spent with Jupiter by your side, your vision of life should be much brighter than in the past. The exuberance, the optimism and the charm, that the jovial planet gives to the sign that hosts it, go on for a long time. And that’s why in 2018 you could decide to live on income and good memories. All this will help you to overcome those less joyful and carefree moments, but certainly productive, that the adversity of Saturn lets foresee. You will be more interested in planetary transits if you celebrate your birthday in September. You will make good use of creativity …