The most powerful good luck charms

Worn in hands, in the form of bracelets or neck, as pendants, talismans are good luck symbols that have the power to attract positive energies, while taking away negative vibrations at a distance.

For the talisman to work, he must not be worn with another good luck because it cancels one another. Also, the talisman is not transmissible, as he borrows the energies of the person wearing it for the first time.

good luck objects

Celtic Cross, a symbol of balance

It is also called the “Cross of Odin,” after a pagan god in Ireland. The four sides of the cross symbolize the cardinal points, while the middle circle represents the earth. It is said that St. Patrick, who preached the Christian religion in Ireland, used this old symbol to spread the word of Jesus Christ. The cross has a double meaning. Being a Christian sign, it protects against charms and curses, and by its connection with the earth it is associated with peace and balance, so it brings stability to the life of the one who bears it.

The Egyptian cross attracts luck

Ankh, as the Egyptian cross with a handle is known, is the hieroglyphic symbol of life. The sign was considered the key of the Nile, the water being associated with the rebirth. It is one of the most common hieroglyphs, the gods being represented holding the cross of life during crowning ceremonies. It is said that the one who bears this talisman will enjoy the protection of the Egyptian gods, will have good luck in life and will be a person endowed with the sixth sense.

Fatima’s hand rejects the evil eye

If the other talismans can be worn as pendants, the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa attracts positive energies, especially if it is worn as a bracelet. It is a sacred object in the Middle East and North Africa, used as a protection against the evil eye. The amulet contains three very powerful symbols: hand, eye, and figure five. The hand signifies divine protection, the eye has the role of rejecting negative energies, while figure five has the role of energetic equilibrium. When it is decorated with a red stone, the talisman draws abundance and luck, the red being the color of power. It is said that the Hand of Fatima has an effect on the one who bears it when it wants to change its destiny or when it is at a crossroads in life.
Did you know that…

… Was Fatima one of the daughters of the Prophet Muhammad? It is said that one day, while she was cooking, she saw her husband coming home by hand with another woman. She was so upset that she had not noticed that she began to mix in the food directly with her hand, not with the spoon. Her husband was the one who noticed what he did. For this reason, the talisman that symbolizes her hand is associated with fidelity and patience.

The seal of Solomon, the emblem of wisdom

It was one of the most sought-after holy relics, because it is said that King Solomon would have received it from Heaven. It is not known exactly how the seal looked, but it is believed to have the shape of a ring. Its round shape indicates the cosmic order and the interaction between the elements of the air and those of the fire. King Solomon was known as one of the most righteous kings of the time, and his ring became a symbol of wisdom. In some versions, the ring was made of iron, beaten in four precious stones, having the name of God engraved on it. In other versions, on the ring could be seen the star of David, the father of King Solomon. The six-pointed star is also known as the “shield of David”, a symbol of harmony, each corner representing the six attributes of God: wisdom, immaturity, sovereignty, holiness, faith, and all-knowing. The Talisman has a great energy load, brings a state of well-being and helps the wearer to make the right decisions.

The tree of life inspires courage

Those who wish to develop their intuition and gain more confidence in themselves should wear a talisman that depicts the Tree of Life. It is the symbol of life, but also of rebirth, because it comprises the four elements of nature: fire, earth, air and water. Fire is associated with the power of the sun, a light source. From the ground and water, the tree takes away the substances that help it regenerate year after year, while communicating with the environment through the air. Talisman helps find inner strength, provides stability, and inspires the courage of the wearer.